About Us

New Business Age Pvt. Ltd , the pioneer of Economic Journalism in Nepal, is publishing New Business Age monthly English magazine, The Corporate Weekly English Tabloid and Aarthik Abhiyan Nepali National daily. The first issue of New Business Age magazine was published in April 2001 and the company New Business Age (P) Ltd. was incorporated in 2003. In 2005, it started publishing Aarthik Abhiyan weekly (initially called Aajako Abhiyan). This is upgraded since September 2010 into a national daily. Arthik Abhiyan Daily has now become the largest and fastest selling economic newspaper in the country. Since our efforts have always been to bring out the latest insights of Nepali business world which is being highly appreciated by the readers, reaching all the echelons of decision makers in the government, academics, business and youth in general. The Corporate weekly tabloid size business newspaper was started in January 2011. Because of all these, NBA boasts of having the longest institutional history and experience in business journalism in Nepal.