Falconidae Import & Export Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

We are Falconidae export and import hub. We are well known export and import company in Nepal. We play the vital role as a distributor company in Nepali market. We import various types and categories of product like furniture, kitchen, marbles and textiles, Cosmetic, Clothes, Fashion wear, vehicles part, Electronics, Computer and accessories, Musical and Stationary, dairy products, Chocolates etc. We export handicraft, thanka & Paintings, wool, Carpets, Statue(Idol), Pashmina, Khukuri, honey, dairy products etc. • We deal with import and export consulting. We make researches for foreign and Nepali producers and exporters. • Our company also does researches for specific markets and marketing. • Out Nepali customer portfolio for foreign potential sellers and buyers is our advantage. • Commission is obligation for the applicant • The company charges commission for the consultancy service and from sales. Commission rate; will be determined according to the agreement. • To conclude a contract between the applicant and our company is obligatory.